Bendable Science

We just passed the one-year anniversary of COVID.  There have been many news articles marking that event.  Most of the articles have been a review of the havoc and trauma the virus has inflicted from death, to sickness, to divisions in families, to the politicization of the virus, to the shutdowns, to the …you fill in the blank. Almost all the observations were about the negative effects of the virus, which, obviously, are legion. Not much nice to say about this thing that has so changed all our lives.

We have heard time and again when someone is trying to make their point or justify their policy that “we are following the science” to support our latest decisions and impositions we place on people. The trouble is, others, using the same data are interpreting the data differently and suggesting competing views of what should be done. But with COVID scientists cannot agree on the “settled science”. Because while we may all have the same “facts” (and sometimes not even that), we have different interpretations of the facts that lead us to different conclusions. You all remember Dr. Fauci suggesting about a year ago at this time that masking was not necessary and maybe even harmful. The “science” has changed since then.  There are still today scientists who hold that masking does little or nothing and has negative effects on one’s health. As a matter of fact, one can probably find some scientist somewhere who will agree with any of one’s “favorite views”.  

This all has led, however, to at least one positive aspect of COVID-19; it has proven that science is not God.

So, I was interested to read Mitch Albom’s view of all this in his article in the Sunday News/Free Press, of March 14th, 2021.  It was one of those articles marking the anniversary and underscoring the “two sides to every issue” by people using the same “settled science” In it he writes, “Everyone will say, ‘follow the science!’.  It won’t matter. Science, we will discover, is a bendable thing, twisted and pretzeled to support almost any argument. All will depend on whom you believe. Some doctors will be worshiped. Some will be demonized. A study will be held up. Another study will counter it. ‘Follow the science’ will become the most misused phrase in the country.”

This pandemic has proven there is no such thing as “settled science” there are only interpretations of scientific evidence. Which is what we as biblical creationists have been trying to say for decades.

For many long years now the “theory of evolution” has been “settled” if you sit in any public-school science class. What they will not tell you is that evolution, like creationism, is a theory that cannot be repeated via the “scientific method” we were all taught in junior high. Creationists freely admit this and say the theory of creation best fits the geographical evidence. We admit faith is necessary to understand our existence.  Evolutionary scientists and apologists will not admit that it also takes faith to embrace their unprovable theory. But they treat their “theory” as “settled science”. Evolutionists and creationists both have the same geographical facts and evidence…but they interpret them differently.  So, whether one is talking about the settled science of the 70’s that another ice age was coming, the settled science of the population explosion expounded upon in the 80s with the specter of  mass starvation and environmental catastrophe that was predicted by now, or the settled science of man induced climate change that was predicted by many to have us all under water by now, just know this… “science is bendable” …there is no “settled science”.  There may be scientific facts or geologic evidence, but it still needs to be interpreted. So, before you “follow the science” be sure whom you are following.  Science is not God.


One Reply to “Bendable Science”

  1. Great perspective!! We don’t trust any one of them! I trust God to take care of us and He has done a marvelous job!!😀Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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