New Year’s Eve: 2100

I now have 10 precious grandchildren. Each one of them has been born in the past seven years. That means that if the Lord tarries his coming and they live healthy life expectancies, the oldest of them, Dray, would be 87 when the year 2100 is christened. It is not an impossible thought that all my grands would survive to see that New Year’s Eve.  When I pray for them, often I’ll muse about where they will be on that night and what they will be doing. I have thought, whimsically, that I would leave a sealed letter in a secure safety deposit box with instructions that each letter be delivered by New Year’s Eve, 2100.  In it I would remind them to think on that night of their Ama and Apa, how much they loved and tried to serve Jesus, and how much we loved them.  

But what kind of a world will they live in at that time? That is a loaded question, isn’t it?  I mean, the answer really depends on the category about which you are speaking.  For instance, if you are speaking about technology, one kind of answer might be given. Recently, Japan unveiled its latest venture into the realm of the flying car, ala George Jetson. It lifted off the ground and hovered for four minutes inside a safety net covering as the media looked on.  Long a dream of techno experts and car companies, there are, according to this article in the Detroit News, over 100 projects worldwide attempting to develop the flying car.  Will my grands someday go to the garage, hop into their “air-car”, and “lift off” from the driveway for the short hop to the grocery store? Will there even be grocery stores as we now know them?  Will they be able to bypass the airport and the airlines (oh, may it be so😊) in order to fly from Detroit to Chicago as the crow flies?  Who knows?

What about if one is speaking in the realm of geo-politics? What will the construct of nations be when they are in their eighties? Will the United Nations have succeeded in erasing boarders, social custom, economic differences, and political systems?  Will there even be “nations” as we now understand them? 

What about the realm of finances?  Today, Bitcoin, and other electronic currencies are making headway into real life commerce.  Will my grands look at cash… and even credit cards the way we today look at the rotary phone? Will the day come when every person in the world will be issued a number or personal identification code (ala a SSN) for not only identification but for purchasing?  Might they all have this code chip implanted in the back of their hand and all financial transactions as well as all identification functions be governed and carried out via that chip? 

Well, honestly, I’m not too worried about all that. Technology, politics, and financial systems are not the area of my concern for my grands in the next 80 years.  My concern is, what kind of moral world will exist at that time?  Along with the article on the “flying car”, there was another article on a former Detroit athlete now playing with another football team in the NFL. In the article, the athlete was touting his growth and maturity over the past four years, from 23 to 27 years of age in the context of his willingness to now go out and vote. He said, “I’m a lot more mature than I was four years ago. Four years ago, when I was 23, I really didn’t know too much about absentee voting and things like that.  But now I’m a father, I’m a boyfriend of eight years, I’m a son. So, my mom, my girlfriend, my daughter, those people are dependent on me. So, for me, I mean it’s my duty to go out there and go vote.”

Now, today, that quote would raise almost no eyebrows.  You may have even read it and thought, “what is significant or ‘off-base’ with anything he said?”  As a matter of fact, you may have read it as a responsible statement on voting.  But what struck me was the cavalier, normal, and almost expected “family” dynamic that exists in his life.  His relationship with his girlfriend has resulted in the birth of their daughter outside the context of marriage.  Do you realize, that on New Year’s Eve, 1900, that would have been a scandalous statement for someone in the public eye to make. A child out of wedlock…no marriage to the mother of the child…only a “girlfriend” status?  But today, that is far from scandalous, it is almost the norm.  This is just one tiny tidbit of evidence of the moral decline in our society in the past 100 years. In those years homosexuality, same sex marriage, transgenderism, polyamory, fornication, cohabitation outside marriage, designed single parenthood, abortion, moral relativity, bi-sexuality, adultery, and yes even the concept that 2 + 2 may indeed equal 5, have all become normalized and widely accepted… even among many who call themselves evangelical Christians.

I fear the moral landscape will only become more and more dystopian.  Anything, I anticipate, will be accepted including pedophilery as a “protected right”, marriage between fathers and daughters/mothers and sons, and group marriages where the confines of the human history long concept of the nuclear family is treated like…well, l like a rotary phone.

I’m afraid, the concept of marriage, with children raised by a father and mother in a historic traditional nuclear family, will be relegated to religious fanatics, like Mormons perhaps, Muslims, and… and… conservative, evangelical, reformed minded believers.  Mind you, I did not simply say “evangelical” because even today, the historically orthodox iteration of family and morals, is being abandoned by “evangelical” churches at an alarming rate. In some evangelical churches today, if they did practice church discipline (and they don’t), you could not be disciplined for many of the moral aberrations I have listed above. And the qualification of that last sentence of “many” may soon be “any” of the moral aberrations listed above.

I love my grands.  Oh, how I pray that on New Year’s Eve, 2100, if God allows them to live that long and Jesus has not yet returned, they will be among that vast minority who have not succumbed to the moral relativism we see today.  Let technology advance. Let the geo-political landscape change as it will. Let the financial system be turned on its head if you will. We can deal with all that. What we cannot deal with is a changing morality as God defines morality for it has eternal ramifications. I pray my grands, in that day, will still be holding to that eternal biblical morality regardless of what the world and the compromising “Christian” has accepted.


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