Told You So

Nobody likes an “I told you so”.  But… I told you so.

For years I have been saying things like “if we can redefine marriage to include same sex unions, why can’t we redefine marriage as ‘poly’; i.e. more than two?  Why not three?  Why not six?”  I’m sure there were some that pooh poohed such talk as being extremist.

But now, I find an article in the Federalist by Katy Faust and Stacy Manning from February 17th, 2020.  It is excerpted below:

“I just came out openly to friends.” “Love is love” and we deserve “equal protection under the law.” We are “not harming anybody.” “The world would be a better place if everybody was more open.” “I am proud of who I am” but I am “rejected by society.” “It’s unhealthy to force people into a choice that might not fit them,” especially when you have “love at the core of your relationship.”

Perhaps you assume those are quotes from LGBT activists during the push to legalize same-sex marriage? Oh, come on, where’ve you been? Gay marriage is so 2015.

Your mistaken assumption is entirely understandable, however. It is, after all, the same script advocates of gay marriage used, but surprise! These quotes are from proponents bent on normalizing poly relationships. The “love is love” strategy was so successful for the gay marriage lobby, why should polygamists reinvent the wheel?

The latest slip down the slope those uptight Christians warned us about was just served up, compliments of a Utah Senate committee that passed a bill decriminalizing polygamy. This bill’s sponsor reasoned people in polygamous unions are “tired of being treated like second-class citizens, they feel like Utah has legalized prejudice against them.”

Utah’s new legislation is only one of several recent attempts to normalize plural unions. Even HGTV is doing their part to mainstream polygamy by showcasing its first throuple on “House Hunters.”

Yes, the same arguments apply.

The pro-gay and pro-poly scripts are one and the same because both view marriage as adult-centric. From this perspective, the only consideration for what constitutes a marriage is with whom you share a love connection. That’s because when marriage is simply a vehicle for adult fulfillment, as per the Obergefell ruling, marriage morphs into whatever assemblage makes adults happy. The biological sex of the spouses, the duration of the relationship, or the number of parties on the marriage license matters not, only the feelings of the participating adults do. So, the logical conclusion is if marriage is exclusively concerned with adult feelings, there’s no problem with same-sex marriage. If our gay and lesbian friends have the same capacity to love and commit as heterosexuals, who are we to say polygamists are any different?

What was once “unthinkable” is now “unassailable”.  Not long ago in our society it was unthinkable that a mother could abort her child for any reason. Now, for 50 years, it is a protected right.  It was unthinkable that co-habitation before marriage would not only be accepted, but championed.  Remember the old nursery rhyme, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage”?  That is so not true today.  More often today we should say “first comes sex, then comes cohabitation, then comes baby, and finally, maybe, comes marriage.”  It was once unthinkable that homosexuals should “marry”.  It was once unthinkable that transgenderism would be seen as normal and healthy and that a person can “choose” his or her own gender.  It was once unthinkable that if you used the “wrong” pronoun refereeing to someone of a transgender persuasion, you might lose your job and be charged with “hate speech”.  Yet today, this is all “unassailable”.  These thing cannot be questioned, or you are a “homophobe, hate monger, bigoted, and a dangerous person”.

I have also predicted that the day is coming when marriage between fathers and daughters, between fathers and sons, between mothers and daughters, and mothers and sons will be suggested as human rights that need to be protected by law.  Ridiculous, you say?  That is what you used to say about what is now considered unassailable.  I have two further predictions. One is the legal right for adults to have sex with children. There are already “societies” in several countries where this argument is being made.  The second prediction is the movement to recognize human/animal marriage.  Ridiculous?  Yea, right!

When the “plug is pulled” on basic moral rectitude as defined in the Bible, it all ends up going down the drain.  This new (im) morality is being championed in our entertainment, in our government policy, in our courts, in our educational institutions, and in the media. And sadly, many so called “Christian” institutions, churches, and individuals have jumped on the bandwagon.

We live in dark and darkening day. That serves to give us the opportunity so shine brighter and brighter with the glow of Christ and for orthodox biblical Christianity to be illuminated more and more against the pitch of moral confusion.  Do not despair, we have a greater opportunity today than ever to be light and salt to a crumbling society.  But only if we are willing to suffer the “slings and arrows” of those holding to the “new normal”.



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