Not So Common Sense

Do you get the idea that “common sense” is not all that common anymore?  Common sense once was those propositions, ideals, or evaluations of things that were self-evident.  The framers of our Constitution lived in a day when the very birth of our nation was based in “self-evident” truth. They were common sense propositions with which sensible disagreement could not be levied successfully.  We no longer live in such a day.  Today, reality is suspended on the altar of ideology and identity politics.

As reported by JP Media, Jeff Sanders writes, “Chasco Middle School, a public school in Florida, has a new policy for transgenders that is forcing a male physical education teacher to watch a transgender girl undress in the boys’ locker room,” according to The Federalist and The Daily Wire.

The school has come up with a new policy to make transgenders feel more “included,” and that means girls who think they are boys can now change in the boys’ locker room — and do whatever else they do in the locker room —  right along with the boys.

The school administration did not inform parents that a transgender girl (a female who thinks she is male) will now be allowed in the boys’ locker room. In September, the girl walked into the boys’ locker room while the boys were undressing. The girl literally caught them with their pants down. A male physical education teacher (who is also a coach at the school) was ordered to stand and monitor the situation. He refused, stating that he would not stand and watch a teenage girl undress. That teacher was told that his actions would not be tolerated and that he would be put on administrative leave. The female PE teacher’s objections to the policy were also ignored by the school. To date, the elected school board still has not remedied the situation, and the school administration has not changed its policy at all.”

Unthinkable even ten years ago, reality has been so ignored to the end that boys can choose to be girls and girls can choose to be boys.  It seems strange that those who are usually so committed to “science as God” suspend scientific biology when it comes to this issue. Every cell in a male body carries a “y” chromosome while every cell of a female lacks one.  If one is committed to “infallible science” this alone would seem to end any controversy.  Since science discovered chromosomes it has not only been settled science, it has been common sense to identify a human being as either a male or female based in his/her chromosomal makeup.

But now, because “philosophy and ideology” coupled with post-modern views that proclaim that language does not have objective meaning but rather a subjective one, each individual can suspend reality in favor of their particular interpretation of reality. This is where “common sense” becomes a fatality of modern ideology.  Because if I can be a boy even though science, biology, and anatomy scream that I am a girl, then the common sense long held by our culture that boys should not shower with girls and visa-versa, and that a grown male physical education teachers should not be ordered to watch as a girl undresses and showers with boys, goes right out the window as in this case.  Can you imagine if this male gym teacher decided on his own that he would like to watch girls shower in their locker room? He would be arrested as a child predator!  But if his administration orders him to do it based in the suspended reality of gender politics it is okay.  Not only is it okay, when he refuses, he can be disciplined.  This, as it turns out, is common sense today.

Christians simply cannot give in to the twisted, tortured, and convoluted thinking of our day.  Sadly, things are not going to get better.  They are going to get much worse. Our job is to not only protect our children from such lunacy, but to train them in the objective reality of the Word of God and the moral absolutes that have been obliterated by so many in contemporary culture.  In the dark, the light shines the brightest.  Let us be that light in the name of Christ.  While we may never make common sense to be common again, we can proclaim the gospel to lives that, if embraced, will bring people back to their senses.




3 Replies to “Not So Common Sense”

  1. Well said Terry!! My daughter, Bethany will be starting her teaching career next Fall. I pray for her daily for wisdom in these types of circumstances she will undoubtedly face.

    Even so, Lord Jesus come!

    Tom Taylor 586-260-9378



  2. We are living in sad times, many believe the end times. Either or, parents have real trouble to deal with. It is my prayer that the Lord will not tarry too long.


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